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Garmin City Navigator NT North America

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The previous trend indicates once a year, and updated maps are released about 6 months "ahead" - The 2010 version is hitting the shelves now.


You don't need to buy one every year. You can get get an "Update" copy for about 25% less than a full copy, but you must already have a previous installation of a full map. Or, skip a few years and buy an update copy when it suits you. I find my 2008 copy still useful for my area.

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So where can I purchase CN 10? I was on Garmin's site and it didn't say the version. I took the part number plugged it into Google and some came up saying 2008 and others said 2009 upgrade.


I need to purchase a new full copy for my Oregon. Do I just get the 08 and then download the updated 10?


Also was is the best price people have seen for a legal full copy?




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To the OP, this year (2009) the downloadable City Navigator North America map updates have been released in January (v2009.1) and in April (v2010.1). It is likely that the next update will be released in July. It will likely be version 2010.2.


The DVD version and SD card version seem to be still being released once per year in the spring.

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