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Gas Cylinders!

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We saw a couple when doing the uk mega series.

I was tempted to CITO them for their re-sale value :D




You'd have to bootsale them, but you run the risk of getting nabbed for handling stolen property as they belong to the supplier - the suppliers will happily take them off your hands, but unless you've got the original deposit receipt, they won't give you anything for them :):D


(anybody need a 5litre Camping gaz or Calor bottle - I'm building up a collection in the shed.....) :D

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You should be able to tack them back to any dealer and get some money back. You should not need any recent at all.

Without a receipt, accepting a return is totally at the discretion of the dealer. They have the right to say no. Most dealers will, so worth a try, but there's no guarantee that you’ll get any cash back ……

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... Camping gaz ...


Not sure about other gas cylinder types but with Camping Gaz you actually own the bottle and they're not cheap either! We're talking £25 for the empty bottle from a pukka supplier... :rolleyes:


The Current standing from Calor/Camping Gaz is the deposit is not a deposit at all but a 1 off rental payment.

so returning these bottle will get you no reward.

the best bet is inform the local council who will collect and scrap them.

However you can get around a £5 for them at car boot sales!

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Here's an idea:

Borrow an angle grinder and chop off the top 6 inches

Weld a threaded portion into the top bits

Tap a thread in the bottom section


Hey presto - a large cache that could quite easily be placed in plain view and STILL be a difficult find!




Hope you assessed the risk and have some life insurance for your kin to live on. :rolleyes:

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