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1st Annual Baker County MoonShine Run event coin is now ready for pre-order.


This is a limited edition minting of only 100.


To exidite the production we have forgone on samples and went straight to production




The coins will have their own icon.


You can preorder your coin here for $9.99

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I ordered some. Yay! I grew up in SC and remember moonshine stills being on my Daddy's property. We would walk up on them. That's how NASCAR got its start... moonshine running. Love the coin and the memories. Thanks.


Just a little OT but since you mentioned it and this coin is based on moonshine - My Dad's family got run out of the Ozarks for moonshine :):) from the revenuers :D:D

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I have one in my shopping cart but I can't find 'Australia' in the countries list during check out. There is only one 'A' and that is Austria.




I just sent you an email. For whatever reason the "shopping cart" doesn't allow to Australia but I will be more than happy to send you an invoice through paypal.


Thank you for your interest

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All the pre-orders have been shipped out.




We went out of town and there was some issues with the mailing and coins getting sent out later than anticipated. I am pretty sure that everyone's is out now but with the small post office I used in Western NY I'm not sure if he used the correct postage.


Thank you and we still have more if anyone wants any!

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