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Activation Codes


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I thought I would start this thread since after selling some of my coins that I have been asked for the codes.

I never saw the point in keeping the codes after activation. But now I am thinking I should have.

So my question to all of you...


Do you keep the activation codes to coins after you activate them?

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I didn't at first but I do now. Every coin I get gets entered into a spreadsheet and gets a little printed square of paper that includes the coin name, metal color, enamel color (when there are different versions), the tracking #, and the activation code. That way if I ever need to re-activate it I can or if I sell it the purchaser can re-activate it easily. If I send a coin out traveling, I keep the slip of paper here.

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generally speaking, yes, in a spreadsheet


and if I have them I send to people who buy activated coins from me so that they can reactivate and do whatever they want with the coin since it is now theirs...


sometimes I have to be reminded to send the activation codes...


where I fall down on the job is that I haven't always noted where activation codes can be retrieved...


too many things to keep track of, but we learn as we go...

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Don't much care for minting info on each coin I own but a record of each coin with it's tracking number and activation code is imperative. I've lost a lot of activation codes after I activated the coins, never suspecting they'd be useful after activatiing them. But your recent experience sure emphasized the importance of keeping them.

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When I kick the bucket, my coins go to my nephew...also a geocacher. I keep the codes with coin name, tracking # and activation # so he can adopt them over to himself, and do whatever he wishes with them from that point on.



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you don't need it for adoption..? I'm not really seeing the idea behind keeping them.

When someone adopts your coins, they might want to change the location and date they were released. I know I do. I always activate/reactivate my coins to my state and the date I received the coin.

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