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unscramble coordinates

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we are new to geocaching and find it extremely entertaining. I have a question which might sound silly. One of the first multi-cache we attempted had a task to calculate some numbers. This ended up in A B C D E each having a value. I assumed that these variables would be placed like this:



W007 E.xxx


Are these always placed in this position? There were no hints on where to place these values. However it seems to be easy for most to locate the cache.


Any help to a beginner would be greatly appreciated.



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And No...


N78 10.ABC W001 29.DEF Would make more sense.


A case of reading the cache description.

And re-reading the cache description!


Co-ords for Multi's are usually close to the final co-ords, so the last three digits are usually the ones you are after finding.


I have done multi's were you find the clues A B C D E F etc and they are then set in the co-ords as N78 10.ADB W001 10.CFE Always re-read the description, never assume!

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Usually, with this sort of multi where you collect the numbers to go with each letter, I would expect to see some sort of equation, or explanation, in the cache decription to show how the numbers should be used to find the final co-ordinates.


Can you give a link to the cache, or its GC number, so we can have a look at it, please?



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Hi, thanks for your support. It got me somehow closer to understand but still could not find the clue in the description. The geocache description is in German but if you want to have a go at it you can find it at geocaching.com and the GC# is GC14BDE





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