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Palm V PDA

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To date, I have had no use for a PDA, since paper works fine for me. Makes for great fire-staring material (on a cold day) after the returning home from caching.


In any case, of what value is there in trying to use the Palm V (with a charger/interface) (a garage sale special for $1.00) for geocaching?


If it can be used, to whatever limited degree that might be, what software should I use, where can I get it and how much does it cost? BTW, I have downloaded the w95/98 factory driver for it, but have yet to install it.


:laughing: Yes, I do own and operate an slow antique w98 system and it works quite well on my free dial-up service.


Since I seldom visit the forums, whatever help you may wish to provide should be E-Mailed to: fledermaus98367@yahoo.com



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Sure the Palm V will work fine for Geocaching provided you have all the stuff to make it work.


First thing before even trying Geocaching on it, get the Hotsync function working properly. Have you done that yet?


Once Hotsync works successfully then you could add a software like Cachemate to transfer waypoints to the Palm V. It is free to try (limits you to just 5 caches) and cheap to buy if you decide to go for it.


It would work best if you also upgraded to a Premium Membership at Geocaching, just $30/year and well worth it.


...Since I seldom visit the forums, whatever help you may wish to provide should be E-Mailed to: fledermaus98367@yahoo.com...


Sorry but, try checking in on this site once in a while for new posts. The nice thing about help forums such as this is it helps *everyone* who may have a similar problem, not just you.

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