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Congratulations Cedo!!!


And just to finish it off, here is a picture of the one I got today....




Thanks for the fun cointest Opalsns! I really had a blast reliving some of the pranks I've pulled and reading all the others. Now I've got some new ideas for pranks and practical jokes to play on others.....

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Cograts Cedo!!!


Oh....I wish I had place my bet!!! :laughing: I do not know why, I was almost sure that team Cedo had the card, from the begining! I mean from the time the letters were mailed!!! How I had that feeling??? I have no idea!!! I should had taken a lotery ticket!!! :lol:

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Congratulations Team CeDo on Getting the JOLLY JOKER.

Your Coin will be heading your way soon!!!!!!!!!!!

I glad this turned out so good....


because, Tee Hee,

I just sent out 52 PICK UP The Mission 2 and there are a couple of WildCard/Jokers that need a cointest.



What will she think up next....


MUHAHAHAHahahahahahahahahahaha.... aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Moderators , Feel Free to close this Thread. Thanx

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