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Shipping Idea for trades, donations and etc

River Cacher
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I had contacted Pay Pal awhile back to see if there is anyway to ship through Pay Pal when there is no money handled and they said NO.


While talking to the guy on the phone from pay pal he said there has to be money sent from the other person to use pay pal shipping and he said why not have them send a few cents when you trade or donate items and you could then ship via Pay Pal.


I have been asking people to send the .01 cents on pay pal for trades and donations so i can keep track better of what i am doing and it is easy for me to mail there items.


I have also been having a freind send me multiple .01 cents and then i edit the address to mail it to the right person.


So far this has worked great for me so i wanted to pass it on to others to try and see what there thoughts are on this.


I still like this on out of US so i can have there address and records of the trades or etc.


I just do not want to offend anyone when i ask for the .01 cents via pay pal.


It is a small enough amount they said to not charge either of us.


Here is just a few of my personal benifits of doing this is.

1. Having records of who i traded with or donated to.

2. Making sure i do not forget or miss sending something.

3. I can print this out on the computer and do not have to go to the post office to mail.

4. Me and the other person will have conformation.


Pay Pal suggested this to me to try and so far it has been great.


What is your 2 cents on this or 1 cent ????

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Not sure why money has to be exchanged through paypal to use there shipping.......


I've been using the multi order shipping for all my trades within the US for the last few years and never have had a problem nor does any money need to be exchanged.


Just need to fill out the name and address of where its going and the shipping method such as 1st class package/thick envelope and the weight


Not sure if your a Premier member and if it's only available to premier members tho......


If you need more info let me know.......


Hope this helps.....=)

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