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Hi all, the Geological Association of America is starting a new program called EarthTrek. Details copied below. If you are interested in participating, I would appreciate if you could indicate that shearzone referred you to the program. Thanks!


Dear EarthCache Master


Firstly, thank you again for all your support of EarthCaches. It is a wonderful program where we can share in the wonders of the planet.


I am now writing to invite you to become part of a new international citizen science program called EarthTrek. This is a program where you help scientists collect data on real research projects using your GPS and other equipment (camera, calipers etc). By participating you earn points and rewards. You even earn points for every person you introduce to EarthTrek. This is an exciting extension to what you already do with your GPS in the great outdoors. Its free to register and free to participate! I also hope you will feel free to invite your friends, family and neighbors to be part of this exciting and fun program.


The first 1000 people who register to be an EarthTrek participant will receive a package of materials through the mail including a certificate, EarthTrek card and a discount coupon to purchase official EarthTrek calipers.


To find out more information visit the EarthTrek website at www.goearthtrek.com.


EarthTrek is brought to you by the same people who administer EarthCaching and the EarthCache Masters program. Unlike EarthCaching however, EarthTrek will have science projects that you can become involved in from a wide range of sciences.


The first two global projects start on 1 July 2009. In these projects you will assist scientists in Canada, Germany and Australia research Garlic Mustard plants and the weathering rates of gravestones.


I do hope you will consider becoming part of the EarthTrek project!


Kindest regards




Gary Lewis

EarthTrek Director

Geological Society of America

3300 Penrose Place

Boulder CO 80301

United States of America



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