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Selling my Geocoin collection

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Wow. I'm sorry to hear that yet another collection is having to be sold. :D The times sure are difficult for a lot of us. I've placed a bid, but I'm afraid it's nowhere close to a fair market price. The main reason I placed it was just to have it show as being a popular item that others may want to check out and bid on. Lots of times on eBay it seems like people are reluctant to bid until others start to bid. Hopefully with a couple of quick bids already being placed it will encourage others to bid and hopefully bid it up to a fair price for you. Good luck with your auction and I hope life gets better for you in the near future!!!! :D


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I have to announce that I am sadly selling my collection of 43 coins. Please take a look!




All are in excellent condition and kept in an album.




So Sorry to hear you have to sell. I hope you get what they're worth.

You have good starting bids and I'm sure there will be a crazy bid war in the last 3 mins.

Good Luck and I hope things turn around for us all!!!!!




misquito is the Maine State Bird!!!!!!!!! :D

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If you do sell international, don't give an approxamate shipping cost,

Get It weighed at the post office first so you can get an idea of what the Highest cost would be.

Remember it can cost up to 4.00 for a Bubble Mailer with 2 coins in it.





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FYI - International on something heavy if it will fit in one of the Flat Rate Box USPS - another way is United Parcel. Both are partners with Ebay.......and significant savings with payment for shipping on line.


My International Customers have been the BEST! Always worth the extra effort in packing and shipping.


Good luck with your sale and sorry to hear it had to happen.

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Dear Miss-Keeto,


Sorry to hear you are selling your collection. From what I see with eBay, people usually pay big

money for geocoins. I saw you added the Ouija two piece coin. That is on the top of my wish list.

I'd have bought that if you were selling it separately.


All the best to you...GeoCharmer81 (AKA Kelly)

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Only 8 hours left on my geocoin collection auction. If you are thinking on bidding please don't forget. It will be ending somewhere around Midnight (eastern time). If you have any questions email me through eBay. Thanks guys you've all been great!





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