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Your First Out of State Find?

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We were lucky that we started our caching "career" in Yuma, AZ and California was only a mile away, also, Mexico was 2.5 miles away so we got our "other country" quickly as well.


As for other state that took some effort, it was Nevada about 2 months in and it was pretty exciting. We are going on a Disney cruise in the fall and will get to log a couple on the disney island in the Bahamas (WOO HOO!!!)

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Freedom Memorial GC1B9A7 was my first. Being in sales has its Geocaching advantages. I can sneak in some caching while I drive from meeting to meeting. My territory is Berrien County, Michigan which is located on the Indiana/MIchigan border so I can jump across the state line to grab some finds.

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In July 2001, my wife went to a conference in DC and I tagged along. My brother made teh trip in from New York so we could have a few days together. On July 5, 2001, my brother and I found four caches in Virginia. One of them was both of our first out of state cache. I like to think that it was GC175 Burke Lake Park, one of the oldest active caches (placed on my birthday, 12/17/00).

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my first out of state find was just outside of Gettysburg. The cache was right down the road from a girl scout camp, so I took a couple of girls from the troop out.


They dropped off a travel bug, and came back with 2 kittens.

I have never found a live kitten in a cache. Someone must have traded in some hamsters.

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Kind of comical, I live about 3/4 of a mile from the Illinois state line but my first out of state find was in Missouri on 5-26-03 and I had caches in Montana, Washington, Wyoming, Kansas,and Mississippi before I had a find in Illinois on 10-29-03.

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