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Eastern WA/Northern Idaho favorite caches


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please list any favorites you have in the Eastern WA, Northern Idaho area


We're doing a road trip from Seattle to Silverwood this coming weekend, and I've created a route and pocket query (along I90 corridor more or less.. we'll probably come home via Newport/Kettle Falls; hwy 20) but I am looking for the good ones (arn't we all)


I could care less about the find count (as you can tell by my measly two dozen or so after five years of geocaching), and hate the typical guard rail cache, but we absolutely love the ones that are in interesting, little known out of the way places. They need to be medium difficulty/terrain or lower due to having a small child with us.


thanks all

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You have to do phone a cacher by yellow alligator just off i90 near the airport in spokane. Or any other yellow alligator cache. Also dear oh dear up near hayden idaho is a must it is real cute. I have done a lot of caches but those two are some of my fav in spokane.

Second the rec for Phone a Cacher in Spokane area. Tres clever!


For Hwy 20, two I liked in the Colville/Republic stretch are Tulare Dolomite Quarry Remake and A "HOWL"ing goodtime.


On I-90 in the Columbia Gorge area, ya can't not do I-90, Wild Stallions Ride Again, it's a Northwest Classic. The nearby earthcache Trees of Stone is cool, too.

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