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Geocoinfest SLC 2009 Ebay Auctions

GCF Salt Lake

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I'll have to wait until August 3rd to actually see the coin.


Tsk, Tsk...


Welllllllll, I COULD show you the artwork, and hold it on an angle (to get the 3D effect), and even shine a light source from the side...


...but NAAAAAH...I'll just let you wait until you open the package and hold it in your grubby little dragon talons. :D

You are such a tease! <_<

It is now in my grubby dragon talons...SWEET!

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There are some really nice coins up right now! GCF is less than 2 weeks away. If you can't attend and want to help out or can attend and want to help out, here's your chance to do so. :P


Make sure to check out all of the auctions so you don't miss out on any coins you might be dying to own! :)


Here's some of the coins up right now:


Celtic Sun


Nova Scotia


Four Musketeer (Purple)

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So sad to see some of these coins sell for so little. :)


I have to agree. I just won one of the coins and my maximum bid was much higher than it sold for. I paid for the shipping but they are going to keep it till GCF and I will pick it up. That at least gets them a little more. I was told more will be going up for sale soon.


Thank you for doing that. It is very much appreciated by the committee. We can use as much help as we can get. :P

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