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Lost newbie with new eTrex venture HC

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Hi, I'm new to the whole geocaching phenomenon. I just bought an eTrex Venture HC... read through the manual, but I'm not sure I get everything. I was able to upload cache locations from this website to my GPS, but that's about it! Can anyone teach me the basics? How do I enter locations manually? How do I know if I have the right maps? How can I see my location, the location of the cache, how far I am from the cache? I'm sorry for being stupid... and thanks to those who will try and help!!!

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Don't get overwhelmed by this new device. Let's take it one step at time.


1. Find the "getting started" pamphlet that came with your GPS.

2. It should show you how to go outside and see your position on the GPS.

3. Learn how to mark a waypoint on the GPS. Walk away from the waypoint and navigate back to it.


Since you have already discovered loading geocaches treat them like the waypoints that you initially practiced with. You should be able to find your way to a waypoint.


Once you get to the area of the waypoint, don't expect the GPS to find it for you. Get as close as reasonably possible e.g. 20ft and start looking. You should pick easy caches 1-1 or 1-2 are good difficulty levels to start with. Read the description page to get some idea of what you are searching for. Remember, geocaches can be pretty small and are usually not lying out in the open.


Join your local club and go caching with a friend. You'll have some company and hopefully benefit from their experience.


We all progress at our own pace. So remember to have as much fun on the journey as finding the cache. I am sure you'll get lots more advice from some very experienced cachers.


Peoria Bill :>)

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Go to the Garmin website and download a copy of the users manual for the Legend C. Functionally, it is the same unit as the Venture HC, but without the high sensitivity receiver and a different colored case. The older user manuals were much more complete than the manuals that come with the newer models and everything in the Legend C manual should also apply to your unit.

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"How do I enter locations manually? How do I know if I have the right maps?"


When you bought your GPSr, did it come with a MapSource CD? If it did, you can load the mapping software to your laptop or home PC, connect your GPSr using the USB cable, highlight the maps on the MapSource Mapping program that you want to download to your GPSr, and click the button that says "Send To Device".


There are 2 ways to manually enter a location:


1st - From the map page, if you're standing at the location that you wish to save, click the mouse button and the GPSr will ask if you want to create a waypoint. If you want to save some other location, using the mouse button, move the arrow to the desired location and click the button. Again, your GPSr will ask you if you want to create a waypoint. Both of these actions will bring you to the "Mark Waypoint" page, which I will explain in more detail in a moment.


2nd - From the Main Menu, using the mouse button, scroll over to "Mark" and click. This will bring you to the "Mark Waypoint" page where you can enter in the coordinates, change the icon, edit the name, create a short note, change the elevation, and even see a map of your new waypoint. When you've completed your entries, scroll down to "OK" and click. That's it; you just manually entered-in a new waypoint and it's coordinates!


Hope this info was able to help you. Let us know how it goes, and if you have any more questions, please ask. Have Fun! :rolleyes:

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