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Hate the "joystick" what GPS units are easier?

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I have an older Vista (free hand-me-down) and the joystick drives me crazy when trying to input waypoints. So, I'm looking for a new unit mostly for geocaching that is easier to use for inputting text/waypoints. I'd love to be paperless too. I've been reading that a PN-20 is decent...?

I have a PN-20 it works well. The software is some getting used to but not bad. I had Delorme street software before getting the PN-20 with a LT-20 USB GPS. I have a Mini Laptop that I use to get me from one cache to the other while driving I have the Topo 7.0 installed on it now. The fact I can see the notes of the cache without paper is very nice. This has just come about. The new topo 8.0 is being sold with all new units from Delorme. I am saving my pennys for the PN-40.


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I have an Etrex Legend, and a 60CSx. I much prefer the rocker and buttons on the 60 series to the click-stick. Think it's annoying while standing still? Try adjusting it while riding a bike!! The method of entering characters is still clunky, though. A touch-screen model (Oregon, e.g.) would be even easier...

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