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your opinion wanted about a future coin.


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for a future coin i have several options for the face. (sorry i cannot show you the rest of the coin yet.)


actually i would prefer A, but the person with the original idea does not like it with teeth.

but i hold that the smile turns out best that way.


so please let me know your opinion here. you may post better drawings of the mouth part ...


thank you!





((mouth D is a later addition to this post)).

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Well... I do not like the B!


I am between A and C, and I think I will choose C


I like the bid smile of A but when you show teeth, some may take it as a smile that something secret is behind... you know.. a fake smile!


By showing the mouth a little open means that the smile is original, with lots of joy, and you show trust!


We use to say that when you are smilling and showing your teeth but your mouth is closed, you are smiling to be polite but you do not really want to smile! you are tide.... I hope you understand!


When you are smiling with your mouth a little open, (not completely open because others will think that you will eat them!!!), you are smilling from your heart! :unsure:


What is the design?? A banana?? :blink:

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I like D. and I know what it is...it's the dancing banana emoticon! Cool!


I kind of hope it it's not the dancing banana. It is very possible that there is a copyright on it. I found this after a quick search online. Copyright issues are not something to be overlooked. It could lead to trouble.

Peanut butter jelly time : It's peanut butter jelly time : PBJT : The...

Type of Work: Motion Picture

Registration Number / Date: PAu003077928 / 2006-07-20

Title: Peanut butter jelly time : It’s peanut butter jelly time : PBJT : The dancing banana.

Copyright Claimant: Ryan Etrata, Kevin Flynn

Date of Creation: Not given on appl.

Authorship on Application: animated audiovisual work: Ryan Etrata, 1982-, & Kevin Flynn, 1982-.

Copyright Note: Cataloged from appl. only.


Other Title: It’s peanut butter jelly time


The dancing banana

Names: Etrata, Ryan, 1982-

Flynn, Kevin, 1982-

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I still like A best.



If it were a dancing banana, I think that (from what I can see) the coiners should still be pretty safe. For one, it's not the same banana image; the PBJT banana doesn't appear to be wearing glasses (and I'm interpreting the line by the face's eyes in the OP to be the band of set of glasses, but I could be wrong). Now, if the OP were to make a coin that says "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!" with an anthropomorphic banana, that could spell trouble.


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i like c the best :ph34r:

being a dj i deal alot with copyrights, images are different then music, but unless the person that broke a copyright goes into the thousands of dollers probably 5-10 grand in profits, not likely to persue any damages. just my thought on the matter

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