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Please help me,.. lol

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hello guys


i kove geocaching, and every free minute i will go for a cache.

buit know my problem is,. sometimes in a hint, there is writtten down something like :


G+ you know the meaning,..


But I don´t know the meaning,...


please help me

you can answer me also in german


greetz becks :unsure:

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That is actually called the "Gx" logo, not the "G+" logo. As in, G for Geocaching and X for X marks the spot. The public domain logo resulted from a forum thread I started in 2002, asking if we should have a logo that wasn't copyrighted by Groundspeak. That way, the graphic could be altered freely. Groundspeak will often permit use of its copyrighted logos without a royalty (personal non-commercial use is addressed specifically in the logo guidelines). But Groundspeak cannot and would not allow its logs to be altered or customized. This would erode its intellectual property rights.


One other note: before you go out and blaze a "Gx" symbol on a tree or spray paint it on a concrete wall or barrier, remember the "no defacing of property" phrase in the listing guidelines. When I find a cache that relies on permanent markings, I go home, change into my reviewer's lab coat, and archive the listing.

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