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What do you carry with you into the woods

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I was just wondering what all you geocachers carry with you. Thanks


I usually carry a travel shoulder bag (like you'd get for going on an airplane) and wear a camelback full of water. In the bag, I carry my GPS, a small digital camera and gorilla pod, gloves, tissues, a small first aid kit, a gerber tool, an extraction tool for micro caches, and any TBs or coins that need to be dropped off. I also carry extra batteries for the GPS and a head-lamp just in case I get caught out after sunset.


For tougher terrain or for longer hikes, I carry the above items in a backpack (with camelback installed) instead and add walking sticks to aid in getting up steep elevation gains at high altitude (I'm in Colorado). In this case, I also add a snack or two (candy bar, trail mix or jerky) to my list of things to bring.


One of those small rolls of TP isn't a bad idea for the longer hikes. I have them in my geocaching tool box, but haven't ever had a reason to take one along (yet).



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As another person noted, it depends on how long I will be in the woods, how much bushwhacking might be involved, the terrain, and the weather. It ranges from my gpsr (and dog) to a hiking stick, camelback, camera, electrolytes , etc.


About a year ago, two local cachers had to call to be rescued after one of them experienced severe problems in the heat. Since then, he has recommended carrying a whistle. It could help.

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I carry my GPSr


Too many times, I have stopped on the side of the road to grab a cache that was only a "tenth" up the hill, and realized that things were in my car that I could have used up on that hill.


The pack on my back contains a basic 100 pc first aid kit, a Sawer Snake Bite kit, a CPR mask, a bottle of 60 SPF sunscreen, and Deet spray and wipes. It also has an emergency (mylar)? blanket, light sticks, a mirror, and a magnifying glass.


When on the trail, I also carry a "camera" bag on my waist. It holds a camera, and all of the travelers in my inventory, three different types of log sheets, and a bunch of different sized baggies.


If a cache is three miles up a mountainside, and it needs some TLC, I'm ready to help. If you are ten miles up the mountainside, and need some TLC, I hope that I'm prepared to help.


TP and a shovel isn't going to cut it.

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I was just wondering what all you geocachers carry with you. Thanks

Lets see... A tour through my bag...


Nylon Backpack, circa 1989

Water Bottle

Collaspable Hiking Stick - Part of my photography gear, the top unscrews to reveal a 1/4-20 camera mount.

Digital Camera

Motorola GFRS Radio (I've actually got a total of four of these for another purpose, but I keep one in the bag)

Bug Spray

Zip lock bags

Nitrol Gloves



Sharpie Marker

Screen Protectors (Universal, cut to fit type)

Signature Items to leave in caches (Bronze Bear charms)

First Aid Kit

Emergency Rain Poncho


Mini Maglite

Delorme PN-40

Spare batteries

Some assorted geocoins and TBs


And the stuff that travels with me on a day to day basis:

Cell phone

Leatherman micro

Pocket knife

6' Tape measure

.40 S&W for non-urban areas or a compact .380 for urban areas (Hey, it's NY!)



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A small, light backpack with the following contents:


Water (cooler weather -one 22 oz. bottle, warm weather - two bottles)




Cell phone w/camera


Reading glasses


Spare logbooks and pencil stubs


Spare zip-lock bags in various sizes




Several pens


First Aid kit


"Tool" kit containing black Sharpie, Swiss Army knife, double-sticky tape, string, magnetic telescoping wand, dental floss, 2 spare fresh AA batteries, sm. spool of wire.


Small swag bag

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Most of the time my GPS and a pen is all I take.


If I'm going a little deeper into the woods I'll put my GPS case on my belt which contains more items like a small flashlight, camera, lighter, and various small useful things.

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One of those small rolls of TP isn't a bad idea for the longer hikes. I have them in my geocaching tool box, but haven't ever had a reason to take one along (yet).




Hundreds of miles, and I have only have to use the "roll" twice. (I was alone each time) I've had to pass it to my friends on more than one of occasion.

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Basic bag: 1L Sigg bottle, GPS, iPhone, camera, trackables, pen, pocket knife, extra batteries, paper.


Expanded trip: all of the above, plus 2L hydration bladder, bear spray, dried fruit, extra socks, Buff, fire implement, water/windproof shell, water purifier.


Camp usually has a solar charger, bear keg with more food, tent, sleeping bag, sunscreen, extra clothes and the like.

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Usually I have a backpack with a bottle of water, gpsr, pen & paper, my jacket for rain, two flashlights, two lighters, gloves, bandana and a multitool. I have all of these minus the gpsr with me at all times but if I don't take the jacket I carry them in a smaller gasmask bag.

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well i always carry my GPS...i usually bring my own pencil or pen if u r lookin 4 micros. i bring a friend sometimes if its in a creepy place and im starting not to wear shorts, but long pants if you go in the woods. i usually ride my bike so i usually bring some other things but theyre not that important.



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