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Trez's Pirate Trezure

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At least I think it's the first pirate themed geocoin. Does anyone know much about these coins? I was going to email Trez with some questions, but it seems they haven't been online since 2008 (and apparently moved out of Georgia if I'm looking at the right account). I remember back in the day when I first started collecting geocoins in 2005 I wanted one of these so bad but could never find one. I finally got one in the mail yesterday and I'm really loving it.


What a strange coin though, the back is an advertisement for KV Coins. They used to be really popular but until I read the name on this coin I don't think I've heard any mention of them in years. Maybe he got a price break by letting them have an ad on the back of the coin? Does anyone know if these coins were sold, traded, left in caches or what? Any idea how many were made? I know he made a version 2 coin with a similar front some years later.



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From what I remember, he traded them back in 2005, when I traded for one of them. More than likely, he got a cheaper price by just having one side made and letting KV coins have the other side. Not sure how many were made but I don't think there were too many, maybe 100?

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