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need help with my gps

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i bought this gps off ebay and can't totally figure this out. i have looked at the book online also. i figured out how to put the lat/long directions in but i can't get any closer than 0.02 miles to the geocache. i looked and i don't see where i can change it to feet or anything. does anyone have any idea's??? thanks

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A couple of things to check. What datum is set on the GPS - it should be set to WGS84 to match what is used by Geocaching.com. Also check the firmware (the software in the GPS) - I believe the latest version is 3.15 for that model.

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We, my wife and I, had to retire our Magellan 320 (same as 315 but set up for marine use) as it was simply not accurate enough. The best it would do was get us within 150 ft. Good enough to hit or miss an island but not good enough to find a small cache. And no it would not show smaller than miles or kilometers.

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