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User route querie

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hi, I've made a user route PQ from Houthalen (Belgium) to 's Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands).


When i run this PQ it only gives me the caches from Houthalen to the border. Across the borden (in the Netherlands) i got zero caches.


Is this normal behavior.....should i set up a second PQ from the border to the destination??


I think this is weird....


Suposing to travel across several countries??



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Having never created a 'route' query, I would suspect you have selected 'caches in XXX country' option, but I don't know if it may be required to make such a selection.


P.S. I do see several international routes listed in the 'existing routes', so I am even more suspicious that you mistakenly selected 'Belgium', when the field should be left blank.


EDIT: To add the P.S.

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It's also possible that the query is maxing out round about where it gets to the border. The new route query software has some "early days" bugs which mean that it can stop looking even though it hasn't returned 500 caches or however many you asked for. Try reducing the width of the search and you may find it crosses the border OK.

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First.....thanks for the help.


In "user route querie" one has not the option of choosing countries.


Also the number of caches is set to 500 and the result gives me 150 caches.




I noticed this today as well. There seems to be a bug causing some "cache along a route" PQs to max at 150 caches, even though 500 is specified and there are way more than 500 caches along the route.


btw: this thread should be moved to the website forum.

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