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Hiding Caches Near Tombs


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I am very offended when people hide a geocache next to or on a tomb. I feel that it is EXTREMELY disrespectful and unnecessary. I think of it this way, would I want someone tromping through my family's grave area looking for a darn cache, HELL NO! There are plenty of places to hide a cache and I don't feel near a tomb is acceptable. Can we get rid of the ones that are like this? What does everyone else think?

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Cemetery caches are common in the U.S., but they are almost always on the edges of the cemetery, or some other neutral place. I don't think that placing a cache ON a grave or grave marker is ever acceptable. Just how close a cache should be placed is perhaps a judgment call, but they should be placed far enough away so they are not identified with the grave and so that cache seekers do not have to walk near it in a disrespectful way.


What can be done? Well, boycotts, I suppose, but it really is a matter for the cache reviewers to deal with. One place where I lived in the U.S., the reviewer would NOT approve caches in cemeteries or near graves unless the cache placer included a detailed description of its location and accessiblity, indicating that it was placed in a respectful way and location.


One could write notes to the person who place the cache, but I think this seldom has a positive effect, as most people are pretty sensitive to criticism about their caches.



Cheonan, Korea

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Which cache are you asking about? Do you know that the USMC General has said that tombs are off limits. Also have you email the owner of the cache? If you have no luck, call me or Doc and we might be able to get it move.


Lions,Tigers, Bears was one that really jumped out at me, it says on there that it isn't on the tomb and that you should be respectful of the tomb but the tomb is carved into the rocks where the cache is and you totally have to tramp all over the tomb area. I don't want to sound like I am making a big stink but I just really feel as though we could not place them sooo close.... I haven't e-mailed anyone about it yet because I want to see what other people think.


I just went and looked at it and I noticed he moved the cache a while ago, but that was an example of one.

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If there is a cache on a tomb, as opposed to just in a public cemetery, please post a "should be archived" log to that cache page. That alerts both the cache owner and the cache reviewer to the sensitivity of the location.


It gives the cache owner an opportunity to respond if, for example he has permission to place it there, or to move it before any problems occur.


Thanks for your concern.


erik - volunteer cache reviewer

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