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Venture HC question, is this normal?

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I have a Venture HC that has recently (last month or so) been very slow to acquire satellites and not showing the little WAAS Ds in the sat bars. I haven't moved or anything and it always gets turned on from my house, which was where I first set it up. It's still using the same update from back in January, nothing changed there. I even tried new batteries with no effect. What I did next was to reacquire the satellites as if it was the first time I ever used it (choosing the new location option). Also, I left it sit unmoved for approximately two hours with a clear sky. It did the trick. Now it picks the sats up fast and has WAAS lock too.


So my question is, is this normal? Do you have to reset them up from time to time? Or, is this the indication of a problem starting?

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I don't have a Venture HC. I have a Legend C and a Vista HCx. I have experienced slow/no start ups with both, although not frequently. When it has happened, turning the unit off and back on is usually sufficient. If not, turning it off/on and selecting new location from the satellite page does the trick. I'm not sure the cause. Perhaps someone who is a bit more tech savvy has an explanation.

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I've got the same problem (sort of) the WAAS icon i've never seen appear! I live in North England and i've heard that it is because we don't have as good coverage (although i can get down to 3m accuracy). Where are people from and have you got WAAS? I've also got the Venture HC

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