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Carbon Hunter

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Congratulations to Terrorbyte for reaching 100 finds


I also congratulate myself for doing the same :anibad:


Well done to both of you - in areas where caches are not that prevalent either.


Keep it up.


Thanks Carbon Hunter :)

Thanks guys. It took me three years to get to 100 and three more months to get to 150.

It just shows how rare caches are on the Arabian Peninsula.

I have been freezing my butt off in UK since February lots of caches here. I will be glad when I can get back to 45 degrees+

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Well done Carbon Hunter! I saw you made your No 1000 last weekend.


Have a lot of fun with the next 1000 and take care.

Greetings from Germany to you and your family



Woohoo! Congratulations Carbon Hunter! I hope your Number 1000 was a good cache. I just checked what our 1000 was, and even with the description next to me I cannot remember :huh:


Mrs. terratin

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Thanks for the wishes everyone - a lot of this was the fact that I kept on caching in the Middle East - the caches and cachers made it all worthwhile - some really great caches out there in the desert - keep on caching everyone - and hope to add a few more Desert caches to my numbers in time.

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Congratulations to AVANCLAN - made the magical 1000 finds while at the SA MEGA. Now for the next 1000!


Thanks you.


Our 1000th Cache was an Earth cache by our good friend Carbon Hunter. We will now strive for our next milestone, one cache at a time. But more important than the numbers are the wonderful people (fellow cachers) that we will meet on the way.

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