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Kid Friendly Caches in Indianapolis


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Hi Guys! I'm new to Geocaching. I got into it because I thought it would be great fun for our family to do together and it is! We have been to 4 locations so far and found one cache. I would love to chat with other local familys about their experinces. We live in Warren Township and are looking for caches that are a bit easier to find for the kids and have items that the kids would like to trade for thier treasures. We don't mind driving anywhere around Indpls. Any ideas please post here or feel free to shoot me an email. Also was thinking of hiding a couple around town that would be more for other kids to find with more kid treasures, is that a good idea or no?


here are the boys with their first find!

Mikey 5 & Joey 4


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Welcome to your new obsession! I also have a fun little guy. His name is Milo and he's 7... and moderately well-known in the local caching community as SpiderMilo. :blink: You'll know him if you see him - a curly blonde haired, mile-a-minute talker, who usually just walks up to you and says "Hi I'm Milo, are you a geocacher too?" LOL We've had a few odd looks from folks who are NOT cachers and just think he's a bit "touched" in the head.


When looking for kid-appropriate caches, be sure to check the attribute icons on the cache page. More and more cachers are using the icons and it makes it really easy to know immediately if the cache is kid-friendly. However, in my personal experience, darn near every cache in every park in the Indianapolis area is fine for kids (as long as accompanied by an adult... blah, blah LOL). Some are more rigorous hikes than others, but should be safe enough and offer interesting hunts (and finds!).


We really enjoyed a couple of recent days at Southeastway Park and Paul Ruster Park. Both have TONS of caches and we found all of them to be great for kids... actually, for one specific cache in SEWP, it's helpful to have a kid along. The container is wedged in an area that would be easier accessed by tiny hands. :ph34r:


Happy caching! Hope to meet you in person sometime soon. Oh, and be on the lookout for our monthly GiG dinners. GiG is "Girls in Geocaching," but everyone is welcome - all events are hosted by women, but we usually end up with about a 50/50 men/women split and often kids come too. The next one is June 8th at Tata's Cuban Cafe downtown. (yeah, yeah "Tata's" "GiG"... laugh it up, guys :unsure:)


Alicia (of lakedawgs)

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