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New Coin For Pre-Order, Gum Ball Machine Geocoin

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We just received the samples in for our newest geocoin.


They are now ready for pre-order and should be in stock in a few weeks


The Gum Ball Machine Geocoin comes in 2 versions:


The nickel version comes in a mint of 100 coins:




You can pre-order it here


The Limited Edition version has a mint of 50 coins:




You can pre-order it here


Thank you and happy caching!

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I was wondering what was going on with these just yesterday. Thank you for the update! Any idea when they'll be in our hot little hands ? hehe


^^^Yes sorry about that. They sent us a new sample with the new epoxy for our approval that took an extra couple of weeks. I wanted to make sure the coin was perfect before it was minted.


Shouldn't be but another week or so.


I'm impatient as well, I want the thing now :D

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All pre-orders have been shipped.


Please let me know if you haven't received yours.


We had to use a rural post office in NY while we were up there and I'm hoping that the wonderfully friendly postal worker calculated the postage correctly as I couldn't ship them via Paypal as usual since we had no internet where we were.


We also have some of the Nickel Versions of the coins left and 2 Limited Edition Gold left.


Thank you all for your patience!


We are actually waiting on the samples to arrive from our newest coin, can't wait to reveal that one to you all!

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