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What has happened

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"In the interests of Anglo-Middle Eastern relations and pan-global co-operation, your caches have been temporarily relocated to the Panjshir Valley." :laughing:


Don't worry, I'm sure it'll all be sorted out by morning. :laughing:




[Two Blorenges, with the same mind-set it seems! :o ]

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It's Groundspeak testing their new format.

Spurred on by the knowledge that from next year GPS will no longer function, they've introduced a new random number algorithm to place any new caches arbitrarily - based on size, difficulty and terrain rating.


The reasoning being that if the World outside of Geocaching sees a more even spread of caches across the world, they won't be so upset.

So, from Jan 1st 2010, micros will have a weighting added to their co-ordinates to take them closer to the polar regions, whilst larger traditional type caches will end up nearer the equator.

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