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Back and catching up

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Not coin related!!! But important for many on forums here.


This is a basic thanks to those that have been supportive and sorry to those that have been ignored.

We have had a very trying time here and without Tank's help, when the kids and I began having heatlh issues also I got very over whelmed.


I have had trouble staying together, and caught up with business was so far out of sight it was like shoveling a driveway in the blizzard. I have been returning emails with personal notices for last few weeks. When began I had over 1200 emails in four accounts. My mom had tried to help and was not very successful.


I had a few wonderful people that have tried to post updates and I had tried to send newsletters from site that some seem to not be getting.


I will update the forum page for coin itself when finished here.


Both boys have medical issues under control for now and Hallie is learning to deal with the diabetes issue.

Mine is fairly stable and does not seem to a life concern for now.


Thanks again for those who have called and all the prayers going out.

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Get well and take care of your family first. That's the most important.

Thanks for the update.


Thank you for kind thoughts. I do not like feelign this behind and upsetting others. But, the possitive is that for now we are all fairly stable and living. After that the rest is gravy.


Thanks again to all the kind words we have recieved.

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I had a little chat with this vendor at GeoWoodstock VII and as of that date, May 23, she still could not give me a date when these coins would be ready. 'Soon.' Was the response I received. More continued 'brush-off' in my opinion. She told me she had been busy replying to at least 1200 emails. In my opinion, one single post on the forums or one post on her web site would have eleviated the majority of the required emails replies.

I asked about a refund and was told that all I had to do is go to her website and request one. So I tried to go to her website today and now am unable to enter it.

I am asking if someone else would try to enter their website and let me know if it's just me or if their website is down.



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Because we've all heard it before.

By the way, I also was told that the mint couldn't mint the back of the coins the way they did on the first quilt coins. That is why they weren't acceptable as samples and were sent back and are still not ready to be approved as samples let alone be minted.

So the mint can do it on three previous quilt coins but not now? Honestly, does this even sound realistic to anyone?

Well I don't buy it and if I could get access to their site I would request a refund and drop this subject, but that too is not available.

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Well today I can access their website where as yesterday I could not. Refund requested.


I'm interested in seeing how this works out for you. I'm so on the fence about a refund. I love the coins still and (if I did cancel my order) would buy them all when they became available, but the vague response you got concerns me.

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I love the coins too, I really do. I so wanted the complete set and would have continued to purchase them (even if they were a little late) if I had been treated with respect regarding my order. I'm just very disappointed in how this vendor has handled this order.

I've already been burned by A&E Toys and this has the same feeling to me.

I have purchased coins from two different individuals/vendors this year that actually had issues with the mint. I received updates constantly from them. The reason I think I did was because there really were mint issues with their coins.

When and if I receive a reply to my refund request I will post it here.

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Refund requested Wednesday June 3 10 am pdt
_____ sent a message using the contact form at



Please issue a refund for order #___ in the amount of $31.03


I will gladly re-order and pay when the coins are available for immediate



E-mail from T"n"T Saturday 6 June about 8:30 a.m. edt

Will get it sent when we get back monday, <snip>


Tracy and Tank

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