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COINTEST! Guess my shipping stats :)


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98.5 inches


Right On! :laughing: There's our winner :laughing:


Send me your mailing info and it will be on its way :laughing:

Congrats and job well done

Thanks again for the cointest :laughing:

98.5" :o = priceless


Nope not priceless--that was one hefty postal bill!! LOL


Congrats to the winner!!!

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Well done SgtMikal !

1 of only 9 minted ! Thats a sweet deal by a man I have never met but I just know how big this blokes heart is :anibad:


Thanks for the cointest Scavok, I entered with the plan if I won I would have turned it over to someone like Y.A.S.S to hand out to someone deserving (I think I have something like 30+ Tengwars on their way to me right now *drools*)

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The orders were definitely weighted more coins per order than number of overall orders. There were 104 orders and about a half dozen trades. There were almost as many flat rate boxes as there were envelopes being sent out :anibad:


Ahh ok, I didn't account for flat rate boxes heading overseas or anything. I was using my own receipts for averaging. Example, 15 line item shipments mixed US and I'nat was 22" for me btw... that's the entire slip of paper.

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98.5 inches


Right On! :) There's our winner :anibad:


Send me your mailing info and it will be on its way :)


Wow! I really seem to get lucky with your receipt lengths! This is the 2nd time I have been lucky enough to guess that from you! I appreciate it. Email on its way.

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