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Easy caches near Jacksonville, FL


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We are going to a wedding at the Ribault Club in Jacksonville this Memorial Day weekend, and staying at a hotel in downtown Jacksonville, on Southside Bvd. I'm a bridesmaid plus I'll have my 15 months old twins with me, so I won't have much time for geocaching, but I'd love to find a few. I see there are a lot of caches in the area, but many are micros or down one of the trails in the many parks in the area, and unfortunately, I won't have time to enjoy a hike while there.


Can you recommend some easy caches for me which are near parking? One I'd specifically love to find is near a beach and large enough for a TB, as I made a TB in honour of my late father, who was an artist who loved sunsets and the ocean, so I'd really like to release the TB near the ocean while I am in Florida.


Oh, we'll be coming from Arkansas and entering Florida on the I-10, going onto the I-75 if anyone has any tips on good caches along that route :(

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you'll get much better response if you post directly to the North East Florida Geocaching Association website.




or the forums there NEFGA forums


I don't recall if you have to join to post - you might, keeps the spamming down. But you'll get suggestions from the folks who live in that part of the world that way


Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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There are a bunch of quick grabs along 1A and along beach blvd. Most of them along 1A can be grabbed from a parking spot. You might have to go in a bit like to San Pablo to grab something bigger than a micro. I can't think of any off of the top of my head. There are plenty along 212 (Beach Blvd) as well.


If you need someone to grab the travel bug for you, it wouldn't be a problem. Just drop me a line.

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