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"Will you marry me?" the coin

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So i know there is a wants thread for coins but i figured i could get more people’s attention this way.


I have decided to ask my girlfriend to marry me! I have seen a coin that has two people kissing on it and says “will you marry me?” Geocaching and hiking are some of our favorite activities, and this summer we will be making a trip out to, what we would both call, our favorite spot on earth. It’s a short hike out to a beautiful cove. So the idea is to place that coin in a new cache with a few other items (like maybe a ring :( ) and have her find it.


That’s my story and my hope is that someone knows the whereabouts of such a coin. It doesn’t have to be new, it can have history and it would be left to journey on its way. If you have any leads please let me know. Thanks!!!

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It exists...even has an icon! There's actually a few in this cache (GCNW0R) and it looks like Stoke made it. Unfortunately it doesn't look like he's logged in since mid last year but maybe he will answer an email from you. Good luck and hope this helps!


Great lead. There were a few in that cache and i e-mailed each person that had picked one up. I hope someone still has one and is willing to let it travel.

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Yes, there is a geocoin (or at least there was an idea to make one) called "Will you marry me!" Which has the following icon.




Not sure if the coin is completed yet or not. I have no additional information other than the name and icon in my database.


Maybe you can email GC.com and tell them you are interested in finding the coin designer and getting one of these coins. Explain your situation to them and they may divulge who this person is.


Good Luck!

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I sent out two e-mails to folks who have had the coins in their possession and they both still have the coins! One has offered to send the coin to me and the other is in WA State with me so I might have a chance to hunt for it!


Thanks for the help so far and I will keep you posted with updates.


The trip to WA coast and our favorite spot is planned for mid Sept. :o

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I was thinking you were looking for the NOLEFAN9399 & Kimby J "just married" geocoin. Maybe if you contact him thru gc.com he would either trade you (he is trading them) or might sell one to you... to view this coin go to www.cointracking.com and in the search bar type in JUST MARRIED and the pic will pop up.


Good luck and that is sweet you are so romantic towards your sweetie :D

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What a cool story. Please keep us posted.


jeahhhh it izzz ........


i`m sorry i can`t help you with thizzz...

i do know that by geocoinshop DE you can do a ingraving but that`s alreaddy told hihihi

FireFighter i really hope that you will find one........


pleazzz keep uzzz posted :D

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