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Mac questions....

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Just bought my first Macbook. Is there a version of Mapsource for this? How can I work with my GPX files and transfer them to my GPS?


You might want to check out a neat program called GeoJournal, http://www.geoingenuity.com/main/. It will import GPX files directly from your mail server and then transfer the coordinates to your GPSr. It has many other interesting features that you may find valuable. I started out using MacCaching and then switched to GeoJournal. :o

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You shouldn't need any programs to transfer gpx files to the Oregon. Just plug in the GPS, open the "Garmin" volume in the Finder, and put the gpx file into the /garmin/gpx/ folder. To remove files, go into the gpx folder, delete them, and empty the trash.

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I'd like to also endorse maccaching and/or geojournal, but can't. Maccaching is almost great, but has a somewhat limited list of what it can do, and lacks some basic filtering options. The developer is great though, and has promised the filters I've asked for, but it's been a year, and they haven't appeared yet. Geojournal is a bit better, but it's an almost there product too, and appears to be abandonware at this point - no updates or anything in more than a year.


If you've been using gsak for a while before switching to the mac, like me, and have learned it ways and plumbed it's depths, you're likely to be disappointed with either of these choices. I ended up with a version of XP running in vmware's fusion, and I use it for gsak and a handful of other programs that haven't made the translation to the mac adequately. I understand that parellels and boot camp will also work for installing windows. A free alternative is virtualbox.org.

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