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Garmin Canada Topo Maps - buy downloaded online

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Hi, i want to buy online a downloaded Canada Topo Eastern map. But, during apply online form, I do not have Canada in the dropdown list which contains only France, UK, Ireland and US. I know, Canada is too small country for Garmin to take it in serious consideration :)

- "how does it works" this amazing apply form without my appropriate country choice ?


Good sunday, all of you.

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shivia have you looked at the free garmin format topo for Canada at The Ibycus Topo Map Project (link)?


- thanks PDOP's. Yes, I already have this excellent Ibycus Topo Map. But, what i need is the elevation profile function. Because i want to figure out an elevation profile of my bicycle rides. Garmin's topo maps can show it. I do not see this fuction on Ibycus product. May be i'm wrong, if Ibycus topo map can show the elevation profile, could you kindly tell me how to obtain this view ? thanks.

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If you want to use it on your computer then you need the DVD version. The download is the same as any other locked preprogrammed microSD, and will only work in the GPS.

- good advice. thanks. So, i'll buy dvd from my garmin store next week.

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