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Garmin Etrex legend

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i own a Garmin Legend HCx and love it. To download automatically to your GPSr you need to insert the cable from your GPSr to your computer. Then click on the "send to GPS" button found on either the search results page or the cache page itself. after you click on that a new window will appear asking you to write to GPS. Click on "write" and voila the cache is on your GPSr. Recently this method hasn't been working for some people. If this happens you could try Firefox or you might have to download the newest version of Internet Explorer. Good Luck!

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If you are referring to the Blue eTrex Legend then YES you can download using the SendToGPS link on the Geocaching page. You can also use Mapsource (or GSAK, EasyGPS, etc..) to send batches that you create using GPX files (as a premium member you can create GPX files from PocketQueries to pull large searches of multiple caches in an area or type of caches).


You may or may not get a cable with the older eTrex Legend. I had to buy mine separately.


Keep in mind the Blue eTrex Legend is NOT a high sensitivity unit and will have accuracy and satellite lock problems under dense tree cover or in very low lying areas.


If you have a little more money to spend consider the Legend HCx. (H = High sensitivity receiver, C = Color screen, x = expandable memory for map storage).


You'll likely have a unit that you can use longer and be happier with if you go wtih an HCx model.


Of course budget can be an issue. The blue eTrex Legend is a fine place to start as long as you recognize its limitations. If you get addicted to Geocaching you can always upgrade later and keep the older unit as a backup.

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Hello, I was wondering which is better to get for geocaching? the etrex H or the etrex legend H? I don't really see a difference besides one having roads. I don't really want to spend alot of money on it just incase I get bored caching. Or would getting the legend hcx be a better idea? I already have a vehicle gps.

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All other things being equal? eTrex Legend H (or HCx)


(From Garmin) The Legend's (H or HCx) basemap contains lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, national and state highways, railroads and coastlines.


You can add detailed street maps as well. The Legend H has 24Mb of built in memory and is NOT expandable. The Legend HCx has NO built in map memory but has a microSD slot (I think it supports up to 4Gb MicroSDHC cards).


So - if the money isn't an issue then Legend HCx (for expandibiliy) or Legend H for the base map and some map storage (although 24Mb doesn't go far).


If price is an issue and you don't care about maps, then the Good 'Old eTrex H (non mapping unit) will get you to the caches just as well - you'll just need to be more aware of your terrain and not be surpirsed when you start off into the woods only to find that you are 80 feet from the cache and have to cross a raging river to get to it :(

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