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Blue Crab Geocoins Now Available - Soooo Cute!


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Shedew and Dorkfish Coins have joined forces once again to bring you another great and unique coin, the Blue Crabs. We had a lot of fun designing these which is evident by the number of different versions available. Believe me, we had to stop ourselves from creating more versions. We may introduce some new versions in the future though.


These coins are only $9.25 each and a portion of the sale of each coin will be donated to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution which is a wonderful non-profit organization dedicated to the research and higher education of ocean science. You can read more about them here: www.whoi.edu.


You can view these coins by clicking on the following link: Blue Crab Geocoins Here are just a couple pictures of some of these cuties (sorry the pictures are so big):


Delaware Bay Blue Crab in satin nickel



Delaware Bay Power Plant Crab - Glows Bright Blue



Thank you & we hope you enjoy our coin :huh:


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Last Saturday was already planned out for a caching trip with my cousin. She was driving two hours to spend the weekend so I couldn't tell her we were going to hang out at home instead to order some crabs. I brought the laptop and searched out all the libraries and Paneras in every town we were in, but it all worked out and today they arrived. They were so worth it! :anibad:



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For anyone interested I wanted to post some pics of the newer versions of this design. These coins are now available in my store for $9.25 and each coin comes with a free matching lapel pin. They turned out really cute & I hope that everyone enjoys them :D Sorry the pics are so big, I have no clue how to fix that. You can view them here: Dorkfish Coins


Psycho Disco Crab



Crab Nebula II - entire body glows brightly



Recycle Crabs




I also listed a special edition of this coin on ebay to end on Saturday with all proceeds being donated to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Here is a link for anyone interested: LE Recycle Crab

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I know this is a very old post but me and my wife just started geocaching and we agreed that to start our coin colection we would start by buying only the coins we find in caches. Well we just found one of these in red and was wondering if anyone had one they would be willing to sell.


Most people will see this and you will get more responses if you post it in the pinned trading thread at the top of this forum.


Be careful though. coin collecting can be addicting and expensive! ;)

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