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Premier Geocoin Race IV

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Yours truly is bringing up the rear :rolleyes:

Not quite.. :anibad::rolleyes:


This is true but I'm pretty close :lol:


I've been gone and just got home an hour ago. I will go through and update the standings and will announce the winners in a few days to let late loggers from the weekend have a chance to log.

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At long last, PGR IV is stick-a-fork-in-it-DONE! ONe of my racers had a nice bump in mileage coming back to the US from Europe, although I don't think it's near enough to be of any use. The recent geocachers who moved my racer also provided some nice photos - I really enjoy photos.


Perhaps "most Photos" can be a fun category for PGR VI?!


Thanks so much for all of the organization on this Shilo. I'm looking forward to the results - congratulations to all the racers that are still moving! I think I'm 3 for 5.

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Congratulations to TokyoBlossom and nefesh, winners of PGR IV!


Kudos to everyone who participated and kept the spirit of travelling geocoins ALIVE.


And sincerest thanks to Shilo for updating the race statistics, drilling racers, coordinating starts...well, for everything you do on behalf of our race!

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