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Cache with the most finds

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I don't know if this has been discussed before...I couldn't find it in a search and it could have changed since it was last discussed...but does anyone know which cache has had the most finds. I would venture a guess that it would be located in a tourist town like Gatlinburg, TN. I was looking at a cache I had found there and was amazed at how often it is found.

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I would venture it's in the Pacific Northwest seeing is that's where geocaching began. Just my thought on it, I have no evidence whatsoever to support that however.

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Other than events where some have thousands of finds, I'd imagine it's in the northwest too. I think the original stash cache has 2000+ finds or something like that.

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Great timing for this question! Addisonbr just published Most Found Caches by State and Country, a nifty bookmark list that includes all that, plus some interesting stats that answer the OP.


As of 11 May 2009:


Most finds:



Most outside of Oregon:

Tennessee - Goin' to Gatlinburg? (GCB42D) - 1590 finds


Second most finds in Oregon:

Un-Original Stash (GC92) - 1915 finds


Distance, in feet, between the most found and the second most found caches in the world: 73


Most watched cache:

Washington state - Mission 9: Tunnel of Light (GC1169) - aka the APE cache - 1286 finds, 315 watchers


Kudos to addisonbr for researching and publishing this info! :blink:

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