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It seems that the charter limitations on profiles has either been increased or removed. I remember when there was a counter that told you how many charters you had left. But I haven't seen that after Groundspeak did the upgrade.


I was wondering though, can the number of charters be increased on the TB pages also? I've tried to do some HTML pages, and keep hitting the limit really fast.


Just wondering.


Thanks for your time.




CSRA Cruisers

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I believe we did remove the character limit on profile pages because many people have taken to using those stats generators that require a lot of space. I'll document the request to increase the character limit for trackables as well.


Thank you!! That would be so great!! I have a TB that I was adding html code to month after month and I hit the limit.


Maybe even take a look at the length of log post too? I know some that leave a length log post and have to separate it into several posts.


Thanks again!!! Yall are the greatest!!!

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