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Geocaching on Welsh TV

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Sorry - not a definite for tomorrow, but a probable...


A weekend ago I and my family were followed by a camera crew at the South Wales Event for a Welsh language TV company about Geocaching.


I understand it's going out tomorrow sometime between 3pm & 4pm on a programme called Wedi3 on the Welsh Language channel S4C.


Subtitles for the programme are in English. You may need to activate subtitles in advance (speaking as a Sky+ viewer)

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It's been confirmed that the segment about Geocaching, filmed at the South Wales event in the Brecon Beacons last month is going out on tomorrow's programme, between 3pm & 4pm on the Welsh language programme Wedi 3 on S4C.


Both Sky & Freeview EPG list: "Heddyr goes treasure hunting in the Brecon Beacons with some geocachers."


Remember - English language surtitles are available on both Freeview and Sky by turning on subtitles.


I apologise in advance (if it's used) about my description of Geocaching at the top of the segment, filmed at home, this is down to my Welsh being a tad rusty having lived in Kent for 13 years.


Sky viewers in England Scotland and Northern Ireland can still pick up S4C - I'm unsure of the channel number.


I'm sure I heard someone mention that a version will be on youtube or something similar not long after it airs...


If you like the look of the South Wales Geocoin being shown on the programme - they're still available at http://www.eclectic-penguin.org.uk/cart

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Just one minor nit-pick: the presenter was shown trading a geocoin for some swag - :)


I guess I'm to blame for that - we wanted to get a Geocoin into the piece and adding it as an extra item would probably put the piece over time.


It's now streamable with in-vision surtitiels for a limited period at:



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