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Your Best/Favorite Benchmarking pictures.

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Mega Scooter, thanks for posting that photo. I was there a few years ago, but of course the day I was there, you couldn't really even see the bottom of the Gorge right below due to foggy hazy conditions. that was before I learned about geocaching or benchmarks, too. I need to go back.

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View southwest from Mount Tammany Trail, Worthington State Forest, Delaware Water Gap, NJ. You see that parking area in Pennsylania, across the river? KV2875 is supposed to be there. But I couldn't find it. (Well, that was a differerent trip...) Most of the trees on Arrow Island were destroyed in a bad ice floe about ten years ago. Looks like only three survived.

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Daisies and Wild Iris while hiking up to QE2316.


Wow. BeanTeam - beautiful pictures - especially the iris.


Mega Scooter, thanks for posting that photo. I was there a few years ago, but of course the day I was there, you couldn't really even see the bottom of the Gorge right below due to foggy hazy conditions. that was before I learned about geocaching or benchmarks, too. I need to go back.



If you ever come back up here, let us know. We would be glad to say hi and/or show you around and/or find a mark.


--The TillaMurphs

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From a couple weeks back, here's the hiker's first view of DT0714 ESCUDILLA LOOKOUT TOWER upon leaving the forest around it:




And in a different vein, yesterday I was out for a ride along Historic Route 66 in the area of Seligman, AZ, where I discovered that one part of the history has been revived with the placement of a number of sets of Burma Shave jingles on modern style highway signs as seen in the background of this shot of FR0237 PENE.




PENE's Burma Shave jingle is:

Just This Once

And Just For Fun

We'll Let You Finish

What We've Begun

????? ?????

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A few from last week up on the Cuesta Ridge in San Luis Obispo county, Ca:


Morro's of San Luis Obispo, Ca

Taken from a fork-in-the-road between FV1477 and FV1479. Part of Cerro San Luis is in the left edge of the first pic - not labeled because it's not all there. The second pic is looking just NW from the first set. These peaks are a series of 'plugs' left over from ancient volcano's.






Didn't know dead manzanita could look so cool.

My daughter playin' with the camera on the road between FV1477 and FV1479.


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Wow! Everyones pictures are fantastic!!


I have a couple from a week or so ago while on the go to get D 52.


The first is one that I have no clue what type of wild flower it is...anyone know what it is??




This I know is a thistle.




Now a Bee on a wild flower.




Thanks everyone!




Oh, I almost forgot this past Sunday when we were searching for some marks that have been bugging us. Along Highway 89 on our way home.



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Visited the Buffalo NY area, where I grew up. Lots of relatives there yet. Just as I found OG1166 on the wingwall of a bridge over Ellicott Creek, I saw this guy down in the creek. Grabbed this quick shot, then as I tried to slowly line up the mark and the snapping turtle, he dove. Darn! He was good sized, about 24 inches nose to tip of tail. Also note he seems to have a chunk of shell missing. Ouch!



Just 20 feet or so away, got a good shot of this Great Blue Heron:



And another 20 feet or so away, found these Canadian Geese:



Quite the wildlife benchmark!

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This is where we spent a week while we were benchmarking and exploring in the southwestern Oregon backcountry.

We used the still-fully-functional Osbourne Fire Finder to pinpoint OA0935 and OA0936 .






We had a 360 degree view with windows all the way around and you could see for miles in every direction. Very isolated. At night, there was not a single light to be seen anywhere in the 360 degree multi-mile view (except for one night when we thought saw the light of a ship out on the ocean).


There happens to be a geocache at the base of the tower: Quail Prairie Lookout

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While out Benchmark Hunting with Wintertime the day after Thanksgiving, we spotted this HUGE flock of Wild Turkeys. I have hunted them back east (saw a couple, never shot one). This just blew me away!


Wide area View. We carefully counted 35 birds (plus or minus a couple - they didn't stand still for us!):



Medium Range View:



Close Up View (10X Optical, 8MP Canon, cropped & resolution cut for GC website). I believe these are young males (?). Spotted one or two old Toms, but didn't get a good picture of one:


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Great pictures everyone! And even one from Australia. Thank you.


Today we went out to a place that has some fantastic scenery (almost like Moonscapes) to try for a few marks that we had missed. This Picture has a Balanced Rock showing. The small red arrow points to it. I think most people back east have never seen the likes of a balanced rock, I know we never had till we moved here.

PID HN0564 C 144



This is so you can get a feel for how big things are out here. Now, for the Zoomed in shot.





Keep posting - I love to look at all of your pictures. :)



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Myself, I was wondering how the ILO let a cargo vessel sail on a Sunday, and whether any of my cargo is on it.
Is that something they don't do, usually? :)


The piers are closed on weekends. If you leave the Port of New York on a Friday, you should be much further out to sea by Sunday. The ship appears to be heading out to sea. But I don't see any containers, and I don't know of any container lines painted red, so it might not be a container vessel.

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Heya all. Here's a pic from our 1st, and only BM so far, DF0393. We were out caching, and the cache description mentioned the BM nearby. Part of my job is map making, but I'd never actually seen a BM disk. So, I figured it was a good time to start.


The disk is mounted on the Taliaferro County, Georgia courthouse in Crawfordville, GA. Please excuse the ridiculous arrow. Photobucket doesn't have very good drawing tools..... :D




And here's the disk:




This isn't a scenic as a lot of the pics here, but Crawfordville is a quaint little southern town, and several movies (Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon most recently) have been filmed there.



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Hello DazDnFamily

I'm also in the "geospatial industry"

Interesting place for a Survey Mark and an interesting Survey Mark to boot, i.e. lots of information on the plaque and the fine is greater too.

What I don't understand is how do you level from it, i.e. there is no nipple.

The building looks very Gothic, you could almost think it was somewhere in Russia or Germany.

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Heya. Honestly, I have no clue as to surveying techniques. Other than basic land navigation (4 1/2 years Marine Corps infantry), I'm useless in the field GIS wise. :D After my time in the grunts, I "got smart" and moved into intelligence, specifically, Imagery Analysis. From there, I learned the buttonology of ArcGIS and Erdas Imagine, and some of the basics of cartography (projections, datums, and that sort of stuff). Most of my map making experience wasn't making navigation worthy maps. I was using the power of GIS to manage imagery collection and data acquisition, and visualize information in intelligence reporting. In my current job, I've digitized over 30k features into our database, but my products are all image based now.


So, while I have made a few maps, I am VERY hesitant to call myself a GIS analyst or a Cartographer. I honestly know enough to be dangerous. :D


Honestly, without doing some homework, I wouldn't know what most of that info is. I just thought it was sweet that I actually got to see a BM disk. :D


Thanks for the reply!



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Out for a day on the coast. It was supposed to be clear with light winds but the coast was just under the edge of the cloud cover most of the day - cold (50's!!! :unsure: ) and windy. There is an Elephant Seal rookery on the coast north of San Simeon, Ca but they don't just confine themselves to one area, they're all over the beaches. Stopped on the way to FV1000 and took a couple of pix.






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What I don't understand is how do you level from it, i.e. there is no nipple.


You would use a knife or chisel edge in the horizontal cut and measure from that point. Perhaps one of the surveyors has a picture showing the knife in use.





edit to add picture in question.


Edited by 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
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What I don't understand is how do you level from it, i.e. there is no nipple.

You would use a knife or chisel edge in the horizontal cut and measure from that point. Perhaps one of the surveyors has a picture showing the knife in use.


This thread shows one way: Vertically Placed Disk Question


I get it now. It is a vertically mounted plaque. Seems to be a laborious way to start/close a level flight, however I can understand the reason for the vertical mounting, i.e. longevity. :)

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It is just one of many survey marks out there. If you checked the coordinates and came up with nothing, it is not in the GC data base. Sorry...


We saw some beautiful flowers along Lanfair road in CA. this past weekend.



Joshua Tree flowers.

FS0806 Z 732



One of the fish hook barrel cactus in all its glory.


X 5 FS0795


Then on Sunday we drove the Buck and Doe road, there John took a shot of some delicate purple flowers.





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We made a quick trip to Mesquite this weekend. We recovered 4 pids (not logged yet) and did several caches, one of which took us to a small cemetery where we noticed something that I thought you might like to see.



At benchmark near-by John got this fantastic picture.



Then at the other pids we took these pictures.





And this was taken at the Casa Blanca where we spent the night.



A very nice Anniversary weekend present from my husband of 41 years. :lol:



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