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COINTEST: Happy Mother's Day


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Very simple rules:


1. Cointest closes before I go to bed (not sure when that will be but I'll post when it ends).

2. 1 entry per person (if you post more than once, only your 1st post counts).

3. Winner will be picked by a random number generator.

4. Winner receives a coin from my "I've got too many coins pile".


How to enter: Since it's Mother's Day, here is your chance to express yourself about your mom. It can be very simple by just wishing the moms out there a "Happy Mother's Day" or you can mention something special/tell a story about your own mom, even someone else's mom, or someone who was like a mother figure to you.


Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, even to those of you have furry kids with four paw or hooves too :anitongue:

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Very simple rules:


1. Cointest closes before I go to bed (not sure when that will be but I'll post when it ends).

2. 1 entry per person (if you post more than once, only your 1st post counts).

3. Winner will be picked by a random number generator.

4. Winner receives a coin from my "I've got too many coins pile".


How to enter: Since it's Mother's Day, here is your chance to express yourself about your mom. It can be very simple by just wishing the moms out there a "Happy Mother's Day" or you can mention something special/tell a story about your own mom, even someone else's mom, or someone who was like a mother figure to you.


Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, even to those of you have furry kids with four paw or hooves too :)



Happy Mother's Day to my wife Rachel...She is a special woman who does a wonderful job with our 4 kiddos.... And as a special gift to her, I promise to stay away from the computer and geocoins today (once she wakes up that is :anitongue: )

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Happy mother's day to all mamas out there!


Happy mother's day mon! :anitongue: She is the best mom in the world for me! she is my mother and my friend! we can talk, laugh and she is always there for me when I need her! Even if I am hiding any problems (heart break problems with girls or if I am sad with a lost of a job etc), so they will not feel bad too, she understands how I feel by looking at me!! I love you mama!!! :)


I really hope that next year I will wish Happy mother's day to my sister too! she is new married and she is trying to make me an uncle! :lol:

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:anitongue: This is out first Mother's Day without my boyfriend, Strider's mother. :) She was an amazing lady. She raised four children into adulthood including her eldest son who had Cerebral Palsey. She could fix anything around the house, rebuild engines - including airplane engines, cook great meals. She was a pilot. She was an artist. She was a seamstress. She was a MOM. Sally, we miss you every day. :lol:



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My Mom,


I will tell just a short story about an inspiring mother.

My mom was crippled from Polio and could not walk like a regular person,she endured many hardships in her life but I never once heard her complain.

Many surgeries and time on crutches I still do not know how she did it.


But my point is that no matter what hardship that we (I) go through it could never match what she had to go through, A true inspiration for me.

When I see others or want to complain I just remember mom.


Thanks for the opportunity to talk about MOM's and the contest.

I wish she was still with us................................


OH but she is In Spirit and has always been right beside me.


Now That is a MOM.

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Happy Mother's Day to all those mothers out there.


When my young sister was little she saw a Life magazine with a picture of Queen Elizabeth on the cover. She went and asked my mother why she was on the cover of it. She really did think it was our mother!! Yep there is a resemblance enough that they could be sisters. We laugh about it now. This year for Mother's Day I was looking for a gift and I happened to see a biography of Queen Elizabeth on a table and the memory came back. That book was my little gift to her this year although I told my sister that it would have been better if she had sent it! LOL

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Well, instead of telling the story of another mother, I'm going to share the tremendous honor I feel ABOUT BEING A MOTHER. The hardest and most glorious event in my life. A cycle of life that constantly takes the measure of a person and asks you to step outside of yourself on behalf of someone else for the rest of your life. I'm blessed with one tremendous daughter who now is a freshman in the first year of college. There's many, many milestones to share, smile, and brag about; the first word, the first step, the first goal in the net! But to see your child grow into a caring, warm, considerate young adult, taking the reins of responsibility and the strum the strings of their own life is a sight to behold. And OH, how heartbreaking it is too. They're ready to leave, excited to leave; a marker you've done your job, and you also know it'll never be the same again. Our guardianship is only temporary......of course I'll always love her, of course I'll always be there when she needs her mom, and yes, she can always come home. But you see, I've done my job and she's on her way.

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Wish I could spend today with my mom who lives out of state. She's retiring from teaching in a few weeks and celebrating in Paris with her cousin. She actually wondered aloud (on her facebook page no less) if she should learn geocaching to pick some up in France. I say yes!


Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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I'm a pretty new mom, and I hope I can be great like my mom. She's always doing stuff for us and knows when something's wrong and we need to talk. She's funny in her own crazy way and there's nobody like her. She'd do pretty much anything for anybody, even when it means giving up something for herself. She's awesome.


Happy Mother's Day!

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First, a big hug to all the Mothers out there today for all they have done for their kids.


Second I would like to tell you a bit about my mother and why mothers day is so special to our family.


My mother was the only girl in her family (beside her mother of course) and was also the youngest of five children. She grew up during the depression with her family. Luckily her father was able to remain employed during that time and was able to provide for his family even though they sometimes just barely scraped by. Once her brothers were old enough, they all went to work at the same automotive factory as their father while my mother and her mother were left behind to tend to the house. She and her mother worked at maintaining the home for the family and in those times it wasn't too easy. Once she graduated from high school she headed off to college and training to become a nurse and eventually a physical therapist.


When the Korean war came along she had just graduated from her college and nursing training. She immediately signed up with the US Air Force as a nurse. While in the Air Force she happened to treat a slighlty wounded Army officer/helicopter pilot. She took a shine to this pilot with his stories and his rugged looks. They kept in touch and were even able to meet up together on a regular basis. As soon as the war was over, the pilot proposed to her and they were married soon after. She then took an early leave from the Air Force and settled down to become a military wife and they began their family.


After moving to numerous military bases around the country and the globe and having five children while all this was happening, the Vietnam war began. Of course with him being a helicopter pilot he was immediately dispatched from Texas to Vietnam. Shortly after he was deployed to SouthEast asia, the rest of the family packed up and followed ending up in Bangkok, Thailand. We lived there for a little more than three years before we got that final bad news. Our fathers helicopter had suffered a severe mechanical malfunction and went down. No one on board the helicopter survived.


With no family within thousands of miles to help, she was faced with the prospect of having to pack up a whole house and five kids (ages 3 thru 12) and move back to the states. Thankfully the US miltary take care of their own, and shortly after the decision to come back to the states was made a group of pilots and crew members from dads unit showed up to help with packing and moving everything. His Colonel even showed up to help and stayed with the family for the long trip all the way back to the states. For a while after arriving back in the states we stayed with her parents until other arrangements could be made.


Once everything settled down, she decided to head to Santa Barbara, CA and set up her new home there. We arrived in Santa Barbara in the late part of 1971 where she had bought a house big enough for our family. She spent the next eight years raising all of us by herself on just a military widows pay. Sometimes it was tough, we didn't get much in the way of luxuries; even eating out was only on special occasions, but we made it through. Once the youngest became a teenager, mom decided it was time for her. She enrolled in the local University and began attending classes to complete her physical therapist training. Of course she could only go to school on a part time basis since she did still have a home to run. After 5 years of schooling, she graduated and went to work for the local school system as a physical therapist working with the severly handicapped children.


Many years have passed now and she is still taking care of things. She goes to adult education classes at the local community college, hits the YMCA at least three times a week, she is the National Chaplain for the Gold Star Wives organization and is the vice president for the local genealogical society.


She is a very strong, independant woman who has successfully raised a family of five children (not a one in any kind of trouble) mostly all on her own with only minimal help from other family members and friends. That is why every year for Mothers Day we all try to get together and honor her and all the other mothers in our family.


This year we are doing her favorite Mothers Day celebration with all of the family that can attend. We will be going to moms favorite park for a huge BBQ and fun and games. The best part of this celebration is that none of the mothers in attendance will be allowed to help with anything. This is THEIR day, so they can sit back and relax while all the kids and spouses do all the work. This year's event will have a total of EIGHT moms in attendance with my mom sitting as the queen of the event. The other mothers will be my two sisters, one sister-in-law, two nieces, one cousin and my girlfriend. There will be kids there from age 10 months all the way to us oldsters. A total of 5 generations will be represented as my nieces daughter is the one with the 10 month old. She is my moms first Great Great Grandaughter!!!!


So, that is why we really go all out to celebrate Mothers Day in our family. If it weren't for her strength and guidance, I don't know where our family would have ended up.


To all the other Mothers out there, HAVE A FANTASTIC MOTHERS DAY!!! You have earned it!!!

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I would like to wish all the mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day! Today we are celebrating by doing some caching; and the kids are even willing to go without complaining (they are 11 and 14) :lol:

Then later tonight is dinner out :anitongue:




Hey Shari!!! Happy mother's day my friend!! How are you?? Is Nikos ok now? I hope! :)

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my mom was a drunk during my child hood and teenage years,, in the last 2 years she has almost stopped drinking, we have started to rebuild our relationship during this time, i think because of Zariah she wants to be the grand-mom- she never was for me. im very greatful that she has changed her ways and hope she can continue her fight towards a drink free life style. after 30 years of pounding down the cans ,, this cant be easy for her. so happy moms day to her and my wife who has been the best mom Zariah could ever have.

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Happy mothers day to all the Mums everywhere, and belated wishes to my mum for March 22nd 2009. I assumed it was the same day in every country, well as they say "you learn something new every day. Take a look at the list -


United States: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Australia: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Belgium: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Brazil: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Canada: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Denmark: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Finland: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Germany: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Greece: Second Sunday in the month of May.


India: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Italy: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Japan: Second Sunday in the month of May.


New Zealand: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Singapore: Second Sunday in the month of May.


Turkey: Second Sunday in the month of May.


United Kingdom/England: Mother's Day is called Mothering Sunday and falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent.


France: First Sunday in June or last Sunday in May


Much of South America (as well as Mexico), Bahrain, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates: May 10


Mexico: - May 8


Albania: - March 8


Russia: - November 28


Poland: - May 26


Indonesia: - December 22


Egypt: - March 21


Norway: - February 13


Thailand: Birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara - August 12


Sweden: Last Sunday in May


Lebanon: First day of Spring


Norway: The second Sunday in February


Austria, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Spain: First Sunday in May


Antwerp (Belgium), Costa Rica: Assumption day - August 15


Argentina: The Día de la Madre - The second or third Sunday in October


Thanks for the cointest


Regards Tarot

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Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's, hope your having a great mother's day.

My daughter and her two cousins are giving their mothers' a day off from cooking and a home day spa, me I'm very soon to evacuate and going caching. As you can see its a rough day for all :anitongue:

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My mother died when I was very young, and so I had to be my own mother.


Then when the time came I found myself pregnant with my daughter.

I was afraid, uncertain, but then When I first laid eyes on my daughter, I knew I was hooked for life. She was my light and my breath. I never took my eyes off her she was so brilliant.

I also came to understand this wise child was the mother and I the child. And thus began the most beautiful adventure I have ever had the pleasure of being on.

Now she is an adult grown and married. No children yet, but still trying.

So each year I sent her a Mothers Day card for being the best Mother I ever had.

So to my daughter HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, I hope one day soon you also will have a child so you can feel this light.



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My Mom taught me a love of flowers, growing things and gardening. She had me planting petunias when I was 3, growing herbs at 7, and making flower arrangements at 5. To this day, I'm happiest when I'm outside digging in the dirt, tending plants, and arranging flowers. Yesterday, I went to my homeplace and picked roses from every bush I passed. I left two BIG bouquets on the graves of my Mom and Grandmom. Today, I came to the home of my husband... picking roses all the way here for a big bouquet for his Mom who is 84 and lives with him. It's bittersweet, but wonderful.


Happy Mother's Day to all~

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I'd prefer to not be a participant in the cointest so if by some chance your random number selector were to fall on me please pass it on to somebody else.


A few people on this forum know a bit about my Mother, but I think she was the worlds greatest and just want to kind of brag on her so everybody knows about her. She passed away almost 3 years ago and thankfully time does make it more bearable. Like mothers all over the world she made many sacrifices for her children.


I come from a home where my parents were divorced (back then that was a very embarrassing thing, unlike today where it is common and accepted) and my Mom raised us four kids on what was literally a below poverty level existence. How she ever managed to do what she did with a little bit of child support from our Father and a little bit of welfare is probably one of the great mysteries of life. While other families were complaining they couldn't survive on $12,000 a year (it was back in the late 60's and early 70's when the dollar was worth a lot more than today) she was raising her 4 children on less than $4,000 a year and a few foodstamps.


Anyways, I think of all the amazing things my mother did for us the best was helping us to understand that although we were from a divorced home and certainly not rich we could hold our heads high. At this point I think I'll just do a little cut and paste from a letter that some of you folks have received and that some more will receive from me in the future. Here goes:


" My mother who is no longer living used to end letters to her children with Y.A.S.S.! which translates into You Are Somebody Special!. It was her way of letting her children know that "God don't make no junk!" as she used to like to remind us. The use of bad grammar in the "God don't make no junk!" saying was something she did on purpose. The reason she used the very bad grammar was she knew that it was so far out of her normal speech pattern that it would really be noticed by us kids and so we'd hear what she was saying and remember it. It was her way of letting us know that we were special not only in her eyes, but in God's eyes also."


Yep, that's gotta be one of the greatest gifts a mother can give, a sense that although on the outside we were dirt poor we knew we were special in Mom's eyes and God's eyes. Ok, I've got my bragging done now so I'll stop and let somebody else brag on their Mom.


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!

Edited by Y.A.S.S.!
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Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there!!


And a special Happy Mother's Day to the two that mean the most to me: my own Mom, and my dear wife and mother of our three beautiful children. May every day be like Mother's Day (without the card and gifts and special brunch :anitongue: )

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Happy Mother's Day1

My mother has passed away and it used to be a sad time. Then my daughter moved back to Maine and had a son. She is a great mom and I love being a Nana. My daughter had to work today so my grandson is up here. He and my husband went out and made a new flower bed and he planted flowers for me.Happy Mother's Day!


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Well, just got home from a fabulous Mother's Day brunch with my mom and my family. As is typical for mom, she brought me a lovely card, some freshly baked muffins and some homemade orange marmalade jam to celebrate my mother's day. It's funny because this sounds so stereo-typical of mothers...always doing for their children - even on a day meant for them - and yet my mother is so not a stereo-typical mom or grandmother. She is such a unique and interesting individual and woman. I hope someday to grow up and be a lot like her. :anitongue:


Happy Mother's Day mom.


Happy Mother's Day to all the forum moms.


And thanks Tsun for the cointest. :)

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Hmmmm...what can I say about my mom. Well she is the greatest. Back in 2002 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. She took care of him in his time of need. She did everything for him. In October of 2003 my dad passed and my mom was alone. At the time I had decided to move out, but when all that happened, she asked me to stay with her here. Even when I got married, my mom wanted my wife and I to live with her. She has been through alot in life. In 2004 she had a pace maker installed and kind of has not been the same since. But she carries on doing what she can. If it were not for her I do not know where I would be today. See my mom is really my grandma. When I was born, my parents did not want me. So my grandparents adopted me and raised me as their son. I would not have it any other way. I love my mom very much and she is the greatest.


Also, my wife is a great mother too, even though we don't have normal children. Our children are our dogs and she loves them just like a mom would. She does everything for them and gives them all the love in the world.


Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.



My mom with my Mom is the Best Treasure geocoin

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First off I want to wish aLL the mothers out there a very Good Mother's Day ! One doesn't have to give birth to their children so yes, one can be a mother to their own animals, also ! there are also foster moms and adoptive moms.


Anyways, even though she won't be reading this, I want to Thank my beautiful daughter for being the best Mother she can be to her daughter (my just as beautiful granddaughter). After getting a divorce, they came to live with us up here from California. Any ways, even though she is supposed to get child support - well, you know how that goes when it comes to a loser of a "biological donor".


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Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there.........my Mom passed away in 1998 and is dearly missed to this day. I am fortunate to be a Mom myself with 2 beautiful grown children and a wonderful granddaughter. Life is built on lasting memories.........and I have many from my Grandmother, mother, children and now grandchild. Life is a journey and the glue which holds it together are wonderful memories of the journey.


Thanks for the cointest Tsun!

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