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Some of the premium members do that already on some of the better caches. You usually find a lot of their favorite caches in these lists. The thing is sometimes what is good for one cacher is not always gonna be the same for the next. I have had some great caches that I find only to find when I do a return visit later in the year it might not offer the same great view due to half a million blackjacks growing all round the cache site.


To list a few, my favorite caches have to be up in the Drakensberg on top of the high climbs. Just for the view even getting there is gonna be an experience.


For a bit more down to earth a lot of historical caches are good to look at. Mainly cause you can learn a lot from them.


Some times a simple cache can be so different during late evenings when an interesting roadside sign (artistic type) with a sunset behind it can be transformed into something special..... So it is hard to say which are the best caches.


I have yet to do any caching in Cape Town so to understand what kind of caches you are used to is also going to make it difficult. It is actually interesting to see how certain provinces have different ideas for their caches. I was just thinking of 25 caches I did in GP this month nearly all were micro's. Either that is the trend or I was just unlucky to have been in the wrong area.... Don't get me wrong micro's have their place but there just so many....

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Wazat, part of the reason I want to see bookmark lists is to see what cachers like. If I then find a cacher with similar tastes to mine, I will look very seriously at doing some of he caches their list that may be a bit out of my usual caching area.

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I used to keep a bookmark list - but to be honest - I'm not sure anyone has ever looked at it?


Has anyone here looked at my list? If so - I may consider updating it?


I have just looked at it!


I like bookmark lists - it helps with research when deciding what caches to do, especially if you go to a new area when the choice is still very wide.

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I think i started one yonks back but never finished it.


I'll set one up once I am back from my visit and hopefully have had a chance to do some of the newer caches in CT


I think I should update mine - but perhaps be a little more specific - e.g. historical focus - or challenge or just plain fun - good view etc.


That way it can be a little more selective and assist cachers lookign for a specific type of cache (e.g. great view) than just "My favourites" list?

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I've used others' bookmark lists to discover nice series or even worthwhile single caches that are out of my way. I've neglected to update mine the last while, but this thread reminded me to do so.


I've only done 14 caches in the Western Cape, but there were four I remember enjoying - cownchicken's Matieland Meander in Stellenbosch, and the three caches along the walking trail in Gordon's Bay, mainly for the magnificent views from up there. The middle one's called "Anchors Away".

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I try to keep mine updated, but must constantly guard not to put all caches on there... ;-)

And I must agree, what is an enjoyable cache for one, doesn't mean it will be the same for the next. Maybe different time of the year, places change over time ext....


my 2 pennies

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