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Lamppost Skirt Cache

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I’ve been reading a lot from across the pond about Lamppost Skirt Caches. However, here we don't have lamppost skirts, so I was wondering if any one knows the nearest Lamppost Skirt cache (from Birmingham). I really keen to tag my very first Lamppost Skirt Cache.

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Funny you should ask that...


"The first LPC in England?"



Fantastic, that's about 1½hr drive.


You're joking, right??

:D Well I am serious about my first. I'll try anything once. How will I know if I don't like them if I have never tried one. I remember my first cache, my first multi, my first puzzle, my first night cache (last night)... I just want to remember my first LPC. :)

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Hey come to think of it, Stratford Upon Avon has a whole street (called Waterside) lined with lamp posts from around the world. Perhaps they have a USA one. Ummm… :laughing:



None from the US.

And they've been "Put into safe storage" while the Bancroft Gardens are tarted-up to make them "World Class"


The Caledonian Canel Fort Augustus Staircase GC1469E was a possible LPC, but now archived.

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