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happy birthday to me...

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My wonderful family gave me a Colorado 300 for my birthday! I was hoping it would be a lot easier to work, but I am having trouble getting it to communicate with my computer. I installed the MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager, but nothing is happening. The map that is on it, only has freeways and a few roads. I want to have the full map program so all I need is my GPS. How do I get started?? Please help me, the sun is coming out tomorrow and I want to go caching with my new toy!!

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Here is a source of some free maps for the Garmin - the base maps are very low in detail. You use the mapsource product from garmin to load these maps to your unit.


Learn to use Pocket Queries to get your caching data: http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm


Place the (unzipped) GPX that is the result of a PQ onto your unit in the [drive]:\garmin\gpx folder while it is hooked to your computer in mass storage mode and off you go!

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Will the GPSFileDepot map fit in the standard memory on the Colorado 300?

Depends on which of the maps you choose - many are there - some will - some won't.
Do I need to get a SD card?
Need - no - is nice - yes. 2GB cards are less than $10 - so my question is - why not?
Do I just use parts of the map as necessary?
Yes - up to the limit of memory you have available. Edited by StarBrand
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