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You probably want to post your question in the "GPS and Technology" forum (link).


Real questions related to geocaching tend to disturb the kitty cats and bunnies that lurk in the dark corners of the "Off Topic" forum.


They don't disturb us, it is we who disturb them with our insightful answers.


As to the question, it is simply a matter of renaming the file properly and placing it in the proper place on your GPS. Refer to your manual for your unit as to the nomenclature of your file.


On the Oregon for example the file must be named gmapsupp.img (Added maps) or gmapbmap.img (Basemap) and reside in the "Garmin" folder. You can only have one gmapsupp.img in the unit and one one the memory card. So a total of two gmapsupp.img files.

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