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The best caches you've ever seen.

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Wow...tihs is going to be a difficult question to answer for a lot of people. We made a Favorites List but I don't know that we could narrow it down to only one. There are several that stick out as being very memorable that we have really enjoyed finding over the years. Great question!


So, a few of the best ones we have done are:


Irish Blessing Revisted by the hiking viking

A Discarded Kettle by mr.bloodhound

X Marks the Spot by Carlin462

Blue Sea Granite by dbailey

Grotto Falls byFireFighterEng33


And actually one DNF that was in one of the most beautiful places we have been:


The Mont Morisette Hike by Equipe VG.


The view from the DNF:



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You might check out this long running thread about Cool Caches >> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=62421


I think the OP is talking about cache locations, not containers, based on what they wrote:


"locations, or cache that they have been to"


...just my interpretation, although I love looking through the the thread you reffered to from time to time to see if I can come up with some new container ideas.

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I think the OP is talking about cache locations, not containers, based on what they wrote:


"locations, or cache that they have been to"



You Are right


Well then, this thread might be helpful as well.....


It has locations like these in it:


The Monoville "Hunters" Cache



A Claustrophobic's Nightmare/Just Say NO to Crack



Ode to Ranboze and bthomas



Hardcore Sunrise or Sunset




The Hidden Dragon



Tough Nuts in the "House of the Devil"



Fortress of Solitude



The FrogStar (West)

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Guys, this is great, but I ment the location of the actual cache. Have a look at my link and you might get a better Idea.


In terms of location I'm not sure I'll beat this one:




The cache is Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls is one of natural wonders of the world.


The cache at the Colosseum in Rome is kinda special. The container is noting to speak of (a 35mm film containter) but is used as an example of a micro on the wikipedia page on geocaching.


The Hook, Line, and Sinker cache listed in the OP looks really fun. I noticed a "long boat" on one of the images as well. There is a very good chance that I'll be in the South of France on business early next year and we're considering renting a canal boat for a week. It would be great to meander down the canals and find some caches along the way. There is also a decent chance I'll be in Cusco, Peru in January. I don't know if there are any caches near Machu Pichu but it there are I'll certainly try to find it.

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