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Caching in SA


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I'm South African but have been living in the UK for the few years, having met an Englishman here... I was introduced to the world of geocaching at the beginning of 2008 and am now well and truly hooked.


I'm coming home for a holiday and to share some of the beauty of our country with my partner. As such we will be staying in PMB (with my family) before heading down to Cape Town via Golden Gate, Bloem, Kimberley, Beaufort Wes, Matjiesfontein, Montagu and Cape Aghulas.


My questions: are there any "must do" caches that you would recommend?

Secondly, I am concerned about the safety of going out and finding caches in possibly isolated places particularly during the time we're driving across the country. Any tips or thoughts on this? (I am not only talking about the risks that people can be but also wildlife - something which is rather a lot tamer in the UK).

Thirdly, how aware are the police in SA of geocaching?


Thank you - we fly out in 11 days - I cannot wait to be home again!

Di of DDR1711

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Thank you cincol - I do have a number of yours on the list and the one at Oribi earmarked to do with my mum when I collect a hire car for travelling cross country. :D As I grew up very near Roy Hesketh circuit I am interested to see the developments that have gone on in the area since I was last home.

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I'm a saffer living in london too.

I'll be in Cape town from 13th May to 3 June, so let me know if you want to do some caching.


There's so many good caches in Cape Town, its hard to know which to recommend anymore!

I'lll give a think. How llong you in CT for and how tough do you like em?

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PMB has some good caches - Blackjack Bailey definitely the best person to help there.


I'm not au fait with caching in these areas "Golden Gate, Bloem, Kimberley, Beaufort Wes, Matjiesfontein, Montagu" - but Aghulas has 2 at the southern tip - including the 2 Oceans Earthcache and one of the older ones in SA near the car park.


Cape Town is full of good caches too.


As far as safety goes - in an urban environment you need to be a little more careful - don't head off to an isolated park alone or at very quiet times - but most cachers are aware of these limitations - so many of the caches are in great public places that can be accessed most times of the day.


On the open road - I'd be far more comfortable with stopping most times of the day or night for these (terrain specific of course).


The Police - in most cases they do not know about caching - but i can not think of an incident where cachers were stopped or questioned by the police. Most caches are in areas that are publically accessible and no need to raise suspicisions of the police.


As far as wildlife goes - in a place like the Cape Point - you may have some baboons around - just treat them with a healthy respect - in many other places (aroung Kimberley, Bloemfontein, Aghulas etc.) - there should not be too much of a worry.


Snakes under rocks can be an issue - but just don't poke your hand down deep dark cracks - most caches will be easily visible without turning too many rocks.


Enjoy - and remember a camera - as many of these caches have amazing views.

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For Beaufort West - do The Pointer GCYB25 - the Karroo National Park is a very pleasant surprise. I would recommend staying over there. Besides that cache is the only one for miles around - it is listed as the loneliest cache in SA. You would do the Matjiesfontein cache too, as it is also quite lonely.


For Cape Town - start by looking at my favourites via my profile. Then if you give me an idea of preferences and time available I could compile a list.

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Di, while traveling to Golden Gate I would then recommend doing the trip via Winterton, Bergville, up Oliviershoek pass and on to Harrismith. Just from PMB I can think of maybe around 15 to 20 caches that you could do. Not all quick easy caches as some may require a little climbing such as Pride Rock and the Cone.... but these are not hard climbs and can be done in 30 min or so. The views are great from the Cone. Some of them are Multi or Puzzle caches but are quick easy ones and can also be completed relatively quickly. The earth cache at Howick would also be a great stop as it is a popular tourist attraction. Hope that the trip will be a great one.

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For Cape Town and surrounds have a look at these:










A little depends on your fitness and desire to to do more adventurous walks. If you take D'Bob up on his offer and ask to do a few of his caches with him, you will have a blast!


I have a new night cache in Cape Town that is a little different.


Why not attend the event cache, meet some people and get more ideas



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It is a pity you are not venturing north at all. Last weekend a couple of us took a trip to the Vaal Triange and we were able to get 27 in little over a morning. We did not have one single DNF and all the caches were quality in both placement and container. There are some very committed cachers in the area who maintain a high standard of cache. In December we visited the area and were able to pick up another 20 or so very quickly.


Enjoy your trip and make the most of it.


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For Cape Town could heartily recommend any of Cism's caches, and Discombob has left a legacy of some fine caches in the area.


CapeDoc has some interesting ones including his mentioned night cache and one that I have not done yet The Kirstenbosch multi cache.


I have not done the following but hear they are great - Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code. Also I have heard Cism's Gold is a fun one.


Have fun and as someone mentioned if you are in town come to the event cache Brekkie on the Rocks





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