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Email not working


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I guess the email server is not working again...?


I should have received several additional emails over the last thirty minutes as several people have logged my WWFM event during that time. I have been receiving emails all day long until that time. Probably linked to any "I don't have my PQ" type threads that will pop up.

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I have not received any emails from the site since at least 4PM pacific time today saturday.

At first I thought it my be a Gmail thing, none of the caches I have on watch or the event that we were at today have been received, wonder if it will be a huge flood when the dadgum opens back up.

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I haven't gotten any from my TB's, caches, watchlist's, or any notification's of new caches, but I have had some caches able to contact me. It's not just GMail, it's hitting MSN as well.


The e-mail server must be down again.

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