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How to set bearing on compass?

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There are several caches that are multi and take me to an area. then I have to go so far at a bearing of x degrees.


How do I do this? my wife got me a cheap compass for this, but I dunno what in the world I am doing. ;)


the dial that has the numbers on it, moves... So what do I do???


Ex. of caches are:






ahhh you get the idea. :D there are about 8 more in my area, don't want to bore you too much!!!

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Hi, it's easy after a few trys, hold your compass level, find north, set the bezel to "0" at north, then set the bearing # on the bezel to the arrow or what ever mark is onthe base plate, then go for it




P.S. Myself I would forget about true north and the declanation thing and use mag. north for what you are doing ;)


Thank you very much!!!!!

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A mirror compass is a bit better choice for siting a bearing. You dial in the bearing, and open the mirror to a 45 degree angle. This allows you to hold the compass flat, at eye-level, and still be able to view the dial (in the mirror). Line the needle up with North. There is usually a sighting line on the mirror and on the compass face, and a notch at the top of the mirror. When all the line segments form an unbroken straight line, you can sight through the notch to see your target.


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Assuming you are using a base plate style compass... Which is my recommendation...

Set the directional arrow on the base plate at the degree bearing that the puzzle requests you use. In your area you can ignore declination. Turn the whole compass to align the red end of the needle with the N on the housing. Go in the direction of the arrow scribed into the front of the base plate. Way more than you need to know is on this page. http://www.learn-orienteering.org/old/

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