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Triton 400 Beta Screenshots

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I think it's about time for this:




New information window, and map data fields on the map sreen. The info panel comes down when you move the cursor, and shows you distance and bearing to cursor. There are also other choices for this.




Changes to the Waypoint screen. Geocache screen is similar.




Coordinate entry screen has changed significantly. See below:




The method of entering coordinates is 100x better. Note you can also cursor up from here and change the coordinate type on the fly. Useful if you're using Decimal, and you have a waypoint to enter in UTM. Your default coordinate type remains the same.




Map data field options.




Finally, a way to delete all Geocaches from the GPS. Other options from the GOTO--> Geocache --> MENU screen listed here.


Read more here.

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It doesn't look like they're going to let the Triton sink after all.


I don't think it needs to sink. I think it just needs better software enhancements. The hardware is good. I think they have a niche as a good entry level, easy to use GPS; if they can just keep the price down. They did make a good decision when they made it compatible with Nat Geo TOPO's.


I would like to see some more versatile software; both in firmware and in VP and also make it compatible with

GSAK and to be able to download caches right from the cache page.


They need better software. So just letting the Triton sink and coming out with a new unit isn't going to solve the Magellan problem. They need to take what they have and maximize it. They could learn from Apple who started off making people use their own software. Then Microsoft had more openness and took over 90% of the market.


So more virsatile software, more openness and improved customer service.


So I don't think letting the Triton die would help. They could use this opportunity to improve CS and get the software Dept to really look at where the market is going.


They are working on this right now.






I use a Triton 400

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I love my Triton 400. But for some reason they get bashed and I haven't figured out why. It works great for me.

They were bashed for good reason =-->

  • Released with many basic functions not working - e.g. couldn't save a tracklog
  • Triton series was advertised as having WAAS, not all models did.
  • Could not load more than 80 or so waypoints before response slowed to a crawl
  • Failure to respond to firmware defects promptly
  • Support (based in India) were not trained about them before release
  • Screen that is unusable in many lighting conditions
  • A user interface that does a poor job of differentiating selections in poor lighting conditions
  • Buttons that are way too small - shouldn't have to hunt for tiny bumps to locate them - difficult with gloves
  • Quirks like a menu button that doesn't work on all screens

Having USGS quads on a GPS is nice, but you need vector topo if you want to zoom in tight.

Don't like the map disappearing or turning into huge dots when zoomed in.


I had high hopes for them and was so disappointed.

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